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Thread: Working miniature Ferrari with a (working!!) flat V12

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    Working miniature Ferrari with a (working!!) flat V12

    Preface: Linked YouTube video content is < 5 mins.

    As a former machinist of many years, the skill involved in making micro/macro-scaled versions of complex things is something I have a huge amount of respect for. If I live long enough, and have enough money when I retire, my garage/workshop will have a CNC lathe, a CNC mill, a band saw and a TIG and/or MIG so I can turn the oddball ideas I have rolling around in my melon into reality.

    Anyways, I have seen lots of small-scale motors, but the smaller they get the more they tend to diverge from the motor trying to be scaled/copied for obvious reasons.

    This guy... this guy right here redefines the idea of adhering to the original concept. Not just in terms of the motor, but the whole frickin' car (watch that teeny-tiny tachometer work when he revs the motor at 2:31).

    You can hear the incredulous giggle in Jeremy Clarkson's voice when he asks about the 24 valve setup... and the fact the gearbox has reverse.

    Impressive beyond belief.
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    Everybody has their unique passion.

    Neat to see his come to fruition.

    Damn impressive.

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    Hi Faust

    Incredible workmanship & patience...WoW!!!



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    Thats impressive work!

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    Geeeze...skill and patience!
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    Very very cool!!! Thanks for the link Faust!!
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