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Thread: Verizon customer service

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    Thumbs down Verizon customer service


    I'm looking into changing over to Fios. Was doing a little online chatting. Asked what the "fees" were that they add to the charge. Got stonewalled. I politely asked the rep where he was located. He kept coming back saying they we're based in Texas. I asked him 3 times and he kept telling me the same thing. I actually just asked him "are you sitting in Texas right now as you type"? "Sorry, we don't give out personal information". What a bunch of crap. I guess the biggest give away was that he told me he had answered by question "thrice".

    In all my years I have never heard anyone use the term "thrice". lol.

    I'm not really sure what this guys role was supposed to be. It was a worthless 5 minutes of chatting that I'll never get back.

    This is what scares me about moving over to FIOS and Verizon.

    At least I can get someone at Charter on the phone right away and there is a Charter store 1 mile from my home.

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    Its hard enough to get the full cost out of them, don't make it tougher by asking where they are. lol

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    Run run run as fast as u can from Verizon, been there done that with them multiple times when I had them for mobile.

    They have worst customer service, I was able to get out early without paying customary fees because their service was so bad and they couldn't resolve it.

    The best customer service I've found is Bright House, the best!

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    We have our Cell Service through VZW.
    Except for 1 or 2 times they have always been helpful. (Cust Svc)

    And after trying Sprint Cell Phone Svc, not sure if I can complain about Verizon.

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    verizon are the worst people i have ever had to deal with, at least the wireless *******s are !

    plus their prices are way too high, T-mobile rocks, great price and service, when i bought my new phone from them, the sales lady was a total pleasure to deal with, so much so i called the store and told the manager so

    +1 for brighthouse networks, used them for 14 years straight and great service

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    I'm just calling them to try and get the bottom line cost for a FIOS package i.e. Internet and Home phone only. He said the only way I can see those fees was to go through the whole process of ordering the service and it will show me right before it asks me to confirm. I'm telling you, what a bunch of crap. I understand the taxes part to a certain extent, but why can't you just say "the modem is $7.95" etc. This was my 2nd attempt in trying to get some sort of idea out of them but just nothing. Why in the world could the guy not tell me... I'm sitting in Pakistan. He has my address and other info, does he think I'm going to fly over the the sub continent and punch his lights out or rob his house. What could he possible fear by telling me where he was other than losing his job because he was told and scripted not to?

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    I consider Verizon to be a 'gray' company at best. A very shady company. Tricky, deception, hidden charges, spam sales calls… Borderline criminal in some things.

    On the FIOS, we have it here at the office. Reliable (due to new fiber optics everywhere), not to advertised speeds except occasional bursts, but close enough as one would expect, usually. Be careful on any contract for overages. Get a contract price and watch it every month as sometimes they will throw in mysterious other charges. I have had success getting them removed, however keep in mind that my account is business not residential.
    They want to recuperate the money invested in laying new fiber, so they will make some cheap 2 years deals… Call and ask for ‘sales’… (They seem to have more bargaining power than typical customer service)

    On their wireless, their network is tops, as their prices reflect. The most expensive, here in FL anyway. They have great wireless coverage and speeds. I have supplied my son with the latest, greatest, fastest mobile phone from Verizon for about the last 7 years and I also have an extra at home. My son always tells of his friends dropping calls, he does not. I find this to be true as well.
    We switched our business mobile phones from Nextel/Sprint (their coverage sux!!) to Verizon and have our accounting ladies monitor the bills closely. (Very difficult as we have a lot of phones and use an unbelievable amount of minutes)

    Here is a secret that I learned a few years ago. Online or on the phone will not get you accurate answers or solutions to problems. Go to an actual Verizon store, NOT an authorized retailer (the ones in the malls are NOT Verizon stores.)

    You should be able to get a cheap 2 year deal, however, …caveat emptor…

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    I won't deal with Verizon in any form except at an actual store. I've gotten wonderful customer service in person (finding out about a $5/mo "we hold your phone number" option for deployments!), but online or over the phone I was just stonewalled again and again. Granted, they're a world better than AT&T, but that's not saying much...

    That, and I get service EVERYWHERE, it seems.

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