I have a newbie question
Q When I crack a WPA2 wifi network how can I hide my computer from being seen on the network.

I haven't got a kali linux usb wifi adapter yet I'm going for the alfa. I'm running windows 7 using vmware to run kali. I'm going to procure a flash drive and see if I can use my internal laptop wifi adapter with linux. If you haven't guessed so far I am POOR. Obviously this is all for learning and my neighbor will be aware of it. I'm trying to get a job at a small computer shop that does testing. So I have been reading about reaver, wash, air crack-ng. I feel if I had the tools I could do it as WPS seems fairly easy from what I've read and I've been reading ALOT whilst trying to procure the hardware I will require. Unfortunately my perspective employer wants me to bring my own tools and will not loan me the money for alfa or even a damn flash drive. I'm on food stamps and can't afford it myself. I think I have something worked out to get the flash drive. Then hopefully my internal laptop adapter will be compatible.

The second paragraph was more of a rant, I apologize in advance, but if you have any suggestions or advice I'd be grateful to tap into this sites members extensive knowledge.

Thanks in advance.