Well for the first time in many years I actually got a refund from Uncle Sam......


I started a new folding rig.

ASUS server board. KGPE-D16 G34 caught Newegg in a friendly mood and got it for $365.49, or $64.50 off their regular price.
Went to eBay and purchased a pair of Operton 6238's at reduced prices $215.00 and $230.95. Of course they were used but that saved me $534.03 from Newegg prices.
G. Skill 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 at $66.58 (couldn't find a deal on them)
Power Supply Coolmax 1200W for $129.99 which saved me $75.99 over regular price as well as a $10.00 gift card coming back.
Total new cost to me $1,075.07 with a total saving of $674.52.

The rest of the stuff I had laying around or pulled from some other computer.
HD, DVD, GPU, mouse, and keyboard.

Up and running now for 12 hours and so far not doing too good, GPU's folding alright (GTX 670 and a GTX 650) doing most of the work right now at 27K PPD with the CPU with all 24 cores running 100% at 3,791 PPD. Think I caught a bad wu right out of the gate with it. A P8090 (50,4,11) which has a base credit of 925 and right now I've got an estimated credit of 3,317 but from time is at 11-12 minutes.

When everything settles down I should be getting 60K plus ppd out of it.

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