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Thread: Trouble connecting to printer/ Can't determine printer IP

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    Exclamation Trouble connecting to printer/ Can't determine printer IP

    Hello all,
    Iíve got a somewhat odd question which I hope someone may be able to answer.
    Hereís the scenario:
    I need to reset / reconfigure a printer in a remote office, but I do not know the actual IP address.
    The printer was moved from another office and had a static IP address assigned to it. I believe the IP address was I remember trying to login and remove the static IP, but I think may have messed the configuration.
    The network in the remote office has an IP range of to

    I was hoping to be able to connect to the printer via the browser as I have done when it was located in the old office, but I simply cannot connect.
    One positive thing is I was able to get 3 workstations (all windows 7) configured and printing to that device. However, they all connected by automatically detecting the printer on the following IP V6 address: fe80::f6ce:46ff:fe4a:9798%12.
    I can ping the printer using fe80::f6ce:46ff:fe4a:9798%12 and get a response.

    See screenshot:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Iíve been trying to figure out how to translate that IP V6 address to IP V4. Is that possible ? I figured this way I may be able to connect via the browser much easier.
    If all fails, I figured I will have to physically go to that remote office, connect my laptop directly to the printer, and use Wireshark to detect the printer traffic and obtain the IP V4 address.

    Printer Model : HP LaserJet 2035n
    I've downloaded the HP Print and Scan Doctor, but it picks up the printer with the same IP V6 address:

    See screeshot:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IPV6_.PNG 
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    If anyone has any advice on this matter, it would be gladly appreciated.

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