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Thread: dhcp internet connection

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    Question dhcp internet connection

    i have a unique solution.
    I have a server running dhcp with Small business server 2003.
    ip address
    the range on the dhcp is to
    it is connected to a modem router via a switch
    the modem/router is a dlink ip address, i have disabled the dhcp .
    I want to create a wireless acess point with a linksys modem router.
    ip address, dhcp disable.
    however I cannot access the internet or the network in general.
    devices connected on the lan directly on the switch works fine.
    but unable to do so via access point.

    am I doing something wrong./

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    What is the make/model of this "linksys modem router"?
    SBS is doing your DHCP, right? Not the modem/router. And you're uplinking that "linksys modem/router" using a LAN port? Not the WAN port right?
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