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Thread: Virtual Servers

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    Virtual Servers

    What would be the recommended configuration for

    A virtual www server?

    A virtual file/print server?

    Currently, a Dell Poweredge 2900 houses both functions (NOT virtual). Can't remember the processor or HD on the 2900, but it has 2 GB of memory.

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    I'd like to through in a virtual windows update server as well.

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    An web box serving a website for how many people? Running Windows IIS? Or Apache or something?
    File and print server for how many user? What size volume for shares? How many printers?
    WSUS for how many users? What is current size of WSUS directory for your organization? Including database if it's split from the repository.

    Hard to give you a recommended size...technically I can skin ESX on a dual core Atom box with 4 gigs of RAM and put in 3x Windows instances for that and it'll do OK for my house or a small office...but it won't be all too peppy for a few dozen people.
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