Hi, I recently upgraded to Comcast's Business service, due to the excessive data usage and their offer of unlimited data usage. I have the SMC gateway, i.e. the modem/router thing. Mine doesn't include wireless, so after reading a lot of reviews, I chose the Netgear R6200. I needed a pretty good wireless network at home, considering with all the people here. My main computer is wired to the Netgear via CAT6 cable. I also have my PS3 connected to the Netgear also connected via Ethernet cable. There is also 2 iPad's, 1 wireless laptop, and 3 smartphones. After doing some reading up to some issues with wi-fi settings setup on the Apple support forums, and something about DHCP and something called "double Nat'ing", I am getting a bit confused. I want to make sure I have the Netgear connected correctly to the SMC gateway, and the best and easiest way to have the settings done, so I don't have to track down and get the IP address's used by all of the wireless devices being used. I'd appreciate some assistance in kind of a easy to follow step by step way to have the router, gateway, wired, and wireless setup, settings, and such done right, so hopefully my network would be the best I can set it up. Thanks for suggestions, advice and help anyone is willing to offer.