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Thread: Best folding rig I've seen listed so far.

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    Best folding rig I've seen listed so far.

    Motherboard ASUS P9X79 WS $379.99
    CPU 6 core (12 with HT) i7-3930K Sandybridge 3.2 GHz $569.99
    4 X ASUS Titan GTX 2688 CUDA Cores 6GB 384 GDDR5 $999.99 x 4 = $3,999.95 + shipping of $6.14 each = $24.56
    Corsair PSU 1200W $279.99 + $4.79 shipping
    Other stuff not mentioned 3DDR Ram
    Case, HD, DVD est $300.00

    Total cost approximately $5,537.38

    Points per day
    CPU = 17,485
    GPU0 = 29,909
    GPU1 = 34,182
    GPU2 = 53,878
    GPU3 = 53,522

    Total = 188,976

    Of course this will vary as GPU0 and GPU1 catch the same series of work units as GPU2 and GPU3 then the average jumps up to 230,000~ or GPU2 and 3 could catch the same as GPU0 and 1 and the PPD drops into the 120,00~

    Any way you figure it, thats one powerful machine. Power hungry beast as it draws around 110Watts of power.

    I'd like one, but I'd need a lot of help coming up with that amount and being able to justify the power bill.

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    Makes my measly 10k per day pretty insignificant

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    Sweet Jesus.

    That would be some serious points.

    Are you sure your "110Watts of power" is correct?
    I figure it's missing a digit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loop2kil View Post
    Makes my measly 10k per day pretty insignificant
    im only looking at 25k PPD and my power has to be at leask 3k watts

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