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Thread: Better Router than Linksys

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    Question Better Router than Linksys

    I've been having problems accessing certain websites (see my post on the Cable/DSL board) and believe it's my Linksys Router. It seems that several people are having intermittment problems downloading/uploading via FTP and large files. I don't have problems with sending large files via e-mail, but have trouble sending large amounts of data via a Web page.

    Is Linksys working on a fix? I don't have the time to wait too long, so does anyone know of a better router? I'm looking at Netgear's Router 311 Can only do 32 users (rather than Linksys's 253), but I don't have an operation that needs more than that. What about the Umax? I need something that can support PPPoE.

    Any thoughts on better DSL PPPoE Routers than Linksys?

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    I had exactly the same problems with the Ugate 3000 and MacSense DIH-120 as I did with the Linksys.

    The only benefit seemed to me that linksys tech support acknowledged that the problem (loss) exists.

    Make sure you buy from somewhere with a good return policy.

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    I took back my Linksys BEFSR41, as Linksys even sent me BETA firmwares 1.23.1 and 1.23.2 to try to solve my problem.

    They said a replacement router would have the same problem for me.

    I tried a Linksys 10/100 nic straight to the router in 10full/10half/100full/100half duplex modes, forced, to see if it was on side or the outbound side of the router.

    You're absolutey right that Linksys acknowleges the problem.

    Whats funny is my box has a sticker 100% compatible with Cable and DSL.

    I used that to get my 2 month old router exchanged at CompUSA with no receipt.

    I now have the Netgear RT311. And I just finished downloading a compilation of 20 meg files that wound up being about 1 GByte.

    The files uncompressed with NO CRC or any other errors.

    I also have been testing uploads and have yet to upload via ftp any comressed files and introduce crc checksum errors into them.

    The only problem I had with the Netgear router was one of my 10 Mbit hubs would have a lot of download collisions.

    So I replaced that one hub with a DLINK 5 port 10/100 hub/switch for 79 dollars.

    The Netgear is capable of locking at 10 or 100 to your network. I suggest you hook it up to a 10/100 or a 100 only hub or Nic. This helpped my download speed reduce collisions in my internal network.

    My Downloads from fast servers dropped to 1.5 Mbits/second through my one router that the Linksys allowed 2.5 Mbits/secong through.

    Like I said a 10/100 hub replacement corrected my el cheapo hub problem on that part of my network.

    if I had more than two thumbs, I'de give the Netgear (Bay Networks) Router more than 2 thumbs up.

    BTW, it does support PPPoE with their Beta Firmware. But you have to upload it using Hyperterminal and a serial Port. And the configuration program doesn't work via TFTP on the Beta Firmware, so then all your configurations would take place via Hyperterminal.

    If you understand configuring "Professional" routers then this won't be a problem.

    The Bay Networks (aka Netgear RT 311) router also has other features via hyperterminal....

    RT311 Main Menu

    Getting Started Advanced Management
    1. General Setup
    2. WAN Setup
    3. LAN Setup
    4. Internet Access Setup

    Advanced Applications
    12. Static Routing Setup
    15. SUA Server Setup

    21. Filter Set Configuration
    23. System Password
    24. System Maintenance

    99. Exit
    Enter Menu Selection Number:24

    Menu 24 - System Maintenance
    1. System Status
    2. System Information and Console Port Speed
    3. Log and Trace
    4. Diagnostic
    5. Backup Configuration
    6. Restore Configuration
    7. Software Update
    8. Command Interpreter Mode
    Enter Menu Selection Number:3

    Menu 24.3 - System Maintenance - Log and Trace
    1. View Error Log
    2. UNIX Syslog
    Please enter selection:

    Do options like this interest you?

    Well they are all in the Netgear RT311 Router

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    I returned my Linksys and bought the Netgear RT311. And the problem with uploading through a Web page was solved!! I still have some problems backing up my Website files to my local network via FTP programs, however. But large onezee's-twozees files are no problem. In general, I am very happy with my Netgear RT311. I attached a 100BT Switch to it.

    In general, Linksys pretends they don't have a serious problem on their hands, but they do. Their customer service told me that it was a Win 98 SE problem, not a Linksys problem. But -- hello -- their products claim to be compatible with the 98 SE operating system.

    Nevertheless, I highly recommend the Netgear RT311 for those who are sick and tired of dealing with the Linksys' quirkiness.

    The firmware upgrade was quite confusing, but I was quickly guided through it by Netgear's fast and friendly customer service.


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