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Thread: Tear jerker dog video

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    Tear jerker dog video

    7 months, wow
    Glad the family got their dog back, even happier for the dog.

    Our shelter fills every fourth and every New Year's.

    Wish people would be more cautious.

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    Hi Humboldt

    Micro chipping is a great idea & every pet owner should consider doing it. Glad to see the dog was reunited with his family.



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    My mom lost her dog "John" for about nine months. He was an old hound dog but couldn't hunt worth a damn and he was extremely timid. My mom liked him so we kept him. My dad would take him out to run with the other dogs for exercise, one day he didn't come back. They hunted for him forever. My dad would run the dogs there a lot and they figured one day he would show up. He never did show up, so they gave up on him as a lost dog. One day the phone rang, a guy got the number off the dog's collar. He tried for months to catch John but every time the dog ran away. He just kept feeding him, one day John didn't run away and he got our phone number off the dog's collar. My mom was at the store, so my dad hurried and got him. The man wanted no reward, not a dime. He was happy to return the dog, he was a hunter too. John would walk up to me and my dad with his tail between his legs, for my mom he would wag his tail. Nobody in my family ever laid a hand on that dog. When my mom returned and seen John sitting in the kitchen, she started bawling like a baby, loudly. This all went down one Christmas Eve.

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    Great story RoundEye, glad he made it home.

    Just saw a post on Craigslist about the same dog I eventually caught last month...out again. Probably still not wearing an ID tag. Hope she makes it home again.

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    Good story's. Or Pit has his rabies tag, and an ID tag with my google voice number on it (so I know it will never change) and our address. Plus all 3 of our cats and the pit are chipped. Cost us about $50 a year for all of them to keep it in the database. totally worth it I think

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