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Thread: Daytona crash view from the stands

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    Daytona crash view from the stands

    check out the camera man next to the gate that was annihilated.........dude where's my camera........

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    scary to see you could get killed watching a race. The globetrotters at least use confetti.

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    Wow. If I was sitting on the outside of that turn like that and I saw that accident starting I would have hit the ground long before any of that happened. I can't believe all the people stand there watching it happen. Don't they realize that all that debris is going to be flying their way?

    We had similar thing happen at work... there was some police action outside our door, guns drawn, bad guys standing right there, and people were going to the window to see what was going on. Easto was heading under his desk.

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    They have a false sense of security... for decades nothing like that has ever happened but when you watches that video you can see the weak spot in the safety fence. The track access gate. If that was not there i think the spectators would have been fine.
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    Terrible to see. Luckily more were not injured.



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