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    Hi all! as you can see im new around. Well streight to my prob

    I have an Asus K52F and for the first time in almost two years i have happened that i was watching a movie serie on the internet when my laptop suddenly got frozen and a couple of minutes after it did a semi-reboot... i call it this way cause after it "started" told me to press f8 and reboot then press any key to continue but in fact im not a programer, just a simple user that only knows how to clean up my laptop using the disk degragment and the disk clean up once every month. At this very moment my laptop hasn't boot up completely after 5 hours straight trying to figure out what can i do. My laptop after it semi boot up gets me to a window that gives me a couple of options and between those is the start up fixing program but here's the issue... the automatic startup fixing program can't make it. I have been looking on the internet for multiple solutions but i haven't found anyone who can give an alternate solution for my prob. An important fact to know about my case? The only back up i did on dvd's was damaged by some cocraches that got inside a bookbag where i had them and i didnt do a back up inside the comp when i bought it and neither a recovery point.

    I hope to have of your help very soon, I'm about to start my last semester on college and i really need my laptop to be working before january 22!
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