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Thread: Deleting an Gmail email accout

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    Question Deleting an Gmail email accout

    My wife's Gmail account is getting bombarded with Spam. This has been going on for the last 2 years. The spam is caught by the filter, but there still seems to be a ton (1500 a month) going to spam.

    She's used this email account on several resumes' and we'd really like to keep it but I'd also like to start fresh with a different account name in order to get the current address off what seems to be a million email servers and reduce the risk it may cause her or others. With that said, what do you think would be the best approach? Just bump up the spam filters? Can I request in Gmail that certain domain emails aren't delivered? We're also thinking of just notifying any of the people we really need to stay in contact with that her email address will be changing, delete the account and move on.

    I'm thinking I may just use some of the 10 email accounts I'm allowed to create by our ISP and creating a "Job Application", "Personal", "Family" address or something like that. Then when she get's a job we could just delete the "Job Application" address and forget about it(?)

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    If you are willing to delete it then try steps given in this link and you can also restore it when u need it..

    also try reading this for more info.

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