I've been having alot of problems with gaming lately. I have a ps3 and xbox and both consoles lag like crazy. On every shooter game like call of duty mw2 my bullets get barely registered. On black ops 2 the enemy has an INSANE reaction time and the killcams always lie to me. On my screen i literally shot 5 bullets and on his screen i didnt even point my gun at him! And i always have a 4bar connection! So I bought a new router called Linksys EA3500, a router on the best gaming routers list. I did the QOS to my xbox and still didnt change anything.

My xbox is in dmz and speedtest.net gives me 98,54 mbps down and 10,54 mbps up. And my ping is both on speedtest and pingtest 11ms. My jitter is 1ms and packet loss is 0% always.

Nobody in the house is downloading or anything like that, i have cable internet and weirdest thing of all is that a just moved into this new build house so everything is completely new and fresh.

Basically, i've tried everything that i could do; call ISP, etc, EVERYTHING. The only thing i think that could be something interesting is that when i do a test at myspeed.com it gives me a consistency service percent of 60% and when i do another it goes up or down again like crazy. I have no idea how to improve consistency of service.

Help would be a LOT appreciated

Thanks in advace.