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Thread: New build

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    New build

    Family members got me gift cards for Microcenter for xmas. I want to build a new Intel desktop. I already have 2 new 500 GB drives someone gave me, as well as 2 new 4 GB sticks of Corsair Vengance DDR3 someone else gave me a while ago. I think I also have a couple decent GPUs laying around too. I need a case, motherboard and cpu. No gaming at all, except Windows Chess Titans. What should I get? Budget is about 500 bucks.
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    I would suggest just for comparisons. You should be able to get a general idea of what you can get as far as the motherboard and CPU and then apply that info toward Microcenter's store/site. The case would be up to you after getting the former info I suppose. I do apologize as I have never dealt with Microcenter.

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    I am a fan of Antec cases.
    As for motherboards, Asus...or Intel. Power supplies....Seasonic is my favorite, Antec too.
    Lately however, I'm a fan of ultra small form factor...and well as low power consumption, low noise. That Microcenter site does have one of the smaller Antec cases...a minitower with a green power supply, about 90 bucks.
    That website also has a ThermalTake mini-ITX case (sorta like a small "Shuttle" if you've seen those)....I'd be interested in that too.
    As to what Cain hinted and motherboard..depend on each other for form factor. Decide what size/type you want first..and then select the components based on the choice.
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    Check out Zalman z9 pro case with USB3. I have the USB 2 version and its an awsome case for almost half the price of an antec case!

    oh and if you can afford it get a intel 330 120gig SSD. They are under 100$ and it will make your load times incredible (R/W=500/450 mbit sec)
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