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Thread: Choosing the right Switch

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    Choosing the right Switch


    I'm a Security Systems professional and I am now concentrating on designing enterprise or huge application of IP CCTV camera. How do I choose the right type of switch and what factors should I consider in choosing the right one?

    Currently, I have to choose the right switch for over 250 IP cameras deployed in a single floor gaming area (CASINO).

    Please help.

    Thank you.


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    I'd look into 48 port stackable managed switches with dedicated ports for stacking (Gigabit/fiber or proprietary) and combined management for the stack.. I'd stick with a decent brand, i.e. Cisco, HP, Netgear. I'd go for 6x 48-port switches in a stack (288 ports).

    Specific models would depend on your budget, you probably don't need all ports to be gigabit if you're using them for IP cameras. You may want to check some of the reviews at Newegg (there seem to be a few bad reviews of Netgear business models about short life?).

    I hope this helps.
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