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Thread: 2 hard drives

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    2 hard drives

    newbie question but

    can i have 2 hard drives in my pc one with windows on it and the other with all my programs on it

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    Yes you can install your programs to "D:\Program Files\" instead of the default "C:\Program Files\"
    But if your C drive crashes....and you reinstall'll still have to reinstall your programs again...even if laying on top of the same D:\ path. Reason you install programs..they still put lots of files into your C:\windows folder...and often into some hidden directories in your user profile. Registry entries too.
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    Yeah it is very easy to operat the two Hard Drives in to your computer you can detect the one HDD with your official Hard Drive's data cable from motherboard and the other one is can detect with your CD Rom's data cabel or if you want to operat the CD ROm also then you can detect your Secound HDD with your official HDD data cable and enable the option from Bios setup and operat the two HDD and also CD Rom on your computer........
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