Ok, I'm new to this, but lets jump right in, shall we? I need to know a couple of things. First: What is the best way to network a DSL connection through 2 PC's, when the DSL modem is attached to the gateway PC via USB, no NIC's? Second, is there any way that administrative control can be asserted from a host PC on the network, one that isn't directly connected to the physical modem? I have cable, but we are getting rid of it soon, we have DSL too now. I networked the cable b4 from my PC using 2 NIC's in my machine, one from PC to the modem and one from PC to the hub, and the host computer shared the connection via connection to the hub. Even though she had a 10mb card, she got 100mb bandwidth, I don't know why. But I wonder what's the best way to set up this new DSL network so that I may be the administrator without having the physical modem connected to my machine. Help if you can, I know I can be a little confusing. Thanx.