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Thread: Networking Work

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    Networking Work

    I have to lay out 5 line of Cat5e cables at a distance of 40 meters to connect 5 PCs to a Switch port.
    The work requires to lay the cable on top of the ceiling roof and drop the ends to connect the PCs and the Switch.
    Is there an wireless gadgets as alternative ways?
    Appreciate your expertise and thank you for your advice.

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    Yes...wireless bridges...although get the usual drawbacks of wireless (varying performance, drops, latency, etc)
    Other alternatives....just run 1x cable..and have a switch at the end where the 5x PCs are..have them plug into a switch in their room and share the homerun back to the main area.
    Or use ethernet over powerline bridges..use existing power line.
    Or use MOCA bridges....use existing coax that might be there.
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