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Thread: Long distance wireless

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    Long distance wireless

    I live on a piece of land out in the woods with two other relatives. My sister and her husband in one house and my parents in another, then there is me. My sister has the internet connection and the other two of us want to use wireless off of her connection, with permission of course. The problem is that the two of us are about 400 feet from the base. Is there any way to get a strong signal that far through several sets of walls and trees in between us all? What equipment is needed if it can be done? Thanks for any information.

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    One high gain omni directional antenna for your sister and you and your parents would want a directional high gain (yagi) antenna pointed towards your sisters.

    Something like this for your sisters place. -->

    and this for you and your parents. -->


    You might get away with just your sister running the high gain antenna. If not you will need either two wifi adapters with external antennas that you can hook a higher gain antenna to. OR two access points bridged to your sisters router...

    If you have no idea what im talking about your best bet would be to contact radiolabs directly and explain what you need and they will set you up. Not going to be cheap though.



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    You will need unhindered line-of-sight between locations for point-to-point connections.
    This would server well:
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    use wireless tp-link for long distances. it works great.

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