I need to repeat the signal coming from my main router (That has an Internet) using a NETGEAR router in order to extend the signal...
I tried to but the same SSID ,disable DHCP and change the IPs but it's not working....
tried to connect with the NETGEAR support and they gave me this reference
but it is working only if you have 2 NETGEARS routers and you are trying to connect them together.....However in my situation I have a linksys router (this is the main router) and a NETGEAR router ( Want to make it work as a repeater to the signal)
unfortunately my NETGEAR router doesn't support DD-WRT firmware
any one know how to make my NETGEAR router repeate the singal coming from the linksys?
by the way my router model is NETGEAR DG834G V3.