Had my build running for 2-3 yrs now. See sig+(Win 7)
Just lately last 4 mths its been going BSOD.
I try to keep it clean. Every 6-8mths bring PC outside and blow out completely. (besides biweekly vacumming front fan screen) Tsunami case

I thougth maytbe the cpu was running hot cause after last cleaning it stayed up for 30 days. Well about 4 weeks ago it started again. BSOD then reboot .... last a day or so.

I decided what the heck remove one memory stick.
Computer started right up. Stayed up for 2 weeks. I then tried putting 2nd stick back in. No boot. I swapped sticks. It booted right up and stayed up for 2 weeks. (Hmmm- Either stick be itself seems OK- Together nogo)

MB has 4 slotts. I tried both sticks in the different slotts. It booted once then crashed after 5mins.

So currently I am running 1 2gig stick

Memory is 2 gig corsiar DDR3 1600.
No overclocking. Stock auto settings.

I could look into some new ram stepping up to 16 gig or so. (if new ram does not fix ....just have to check if that ram would work with a newer MB