Previously had Virgin 10Mbps broadband and it always came up rock solid when tested on kneuse server at - at 9.8Mbps (ish) down and just over 1.0Mbps up. Just had a free upgrade to Virgin 30Mbps (involves new virgin superhub combined router and cable modem) and now getting lower downloads (1.1 - 9.1) but better uploads (1.6-1.7Mbps) with the kneuse server - generally a bit better (not much) with Teslaone server. generally measures 30Mbps down and 1.9Mbps up which are the advertised rates. Have downloaded Networx traffic monitor and this shows downloading happening at the rates from both speedguide and speedtest in agreement with those just quoted ie speedguide much slower. Virgin support claim all is well with my hardware and settings - and use to demonstrate. Downloading 4 games demos simultaneously also gives average speeds close to 30MBps. This all seems to point to a problem rather than anything else. Any suggestions would be welcomed.