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Thread: Upstream/Latency congestion?

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    Upstream/Latency congestion?

    On the current ISP we pay for 50mbs down and 3mbs up. Whenever its being utilized the network experiences latency spikes about every 7-8 seconds being of a higher grade and more frequent as the upstream is occupied more. Is this just the current norm for the awful cable companies to reduce uploading usage? I do not believe the network is congested 24/7 for the ISP to throttle/do whatever is occuring while uploading. Im not referring to maxing out the upstream and leaving next to none for overhead causing 200+ ping times. Im referring more to just using 50% or so where no network impact should be noticed. Downloading at 50mbs doesnt even cause a hickup more then 60ms or so. One other thing i thought of but havent checked is to see if its the onboard NIC not handling the data properly since its intergrated. Its a z68 gd65 mobo from MSI based off realteks chipset.
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    It is usually more of an ISP/bandwidth and QoS issue, rather than your network adapter, it should be quite capable of nadling 3 mbps. Does your connection actuaally get close to 3 mbps when doing a speed test ?

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