Okay what i mean is, i want to have as low latency as possible, And i want to be able to Game while uploading (Youtube to be precise).

Currently i have use the TCP Optimizer and used the Gaming Tweaks (all 3 are Enabled or Disabled depending on which was best), and i have Highly Restricted on Auto, and Offloading ON, and ECN off.

I got pretty fast Internet, we are talking 60mbit down and 10mbit up, itīs going through VDSL.

I got a separate NIC from Intel (Interl(R) PRO/1000 PT) which has many settings, i currently have all offloading ON, Buffer at 256 Transfer and 512 Recieve.
I have Interrupt Moderation disabled, Flowcontrol disabled, 100mbit Duplex, Receive Side enabled and Large MTU output disabled.

I currently have good latency at LOL (online game), itīs at 49-60ms i think.

But if i upload to Youtube, itīs at 1-2k ms, which is impossible to play at.
I can understand that itīs not 50ms, but atleast 1-200ms should be acceptable.

I would prefer not to install Netbalancer and similar stuff, as they pretty much mess up my NIC and make it crash if i disable and re-enable it at any time.

So i am all ear for anything