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    Question UT Gaming Online???


    I am having a very annoying problem with UT. Ever since moving from 56K 3COM modem to COM21 cable modem I experience extemes with lag and packet loss. I jump on any one of a number of servers that have a ping of under 100 and UT is unplayable alot of the time with this problem. I fire up Quake 3 and jump on low ping servers and everything is smooth as silk with no extreme variations in lag. I have used the patches here on this site and have tried many different combinations of netspeed & MaxClientRate and nothing seems to help. I have tested my cable bandwidth on various sites and my ISP caps the modem at 1mb up & 1mb down. Everytime I have tested this seems to hold true. Why does Quake3 work consistently well and UT is very sporadic in online performance. Please help!

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    What are your FPS set at under preferences?

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    default @ 30fps


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