I have problem with my win7 64bit. In week ago any thing was fine.
After running some cleaning registry software I use option: "optimize internet connection".
It was disaster. My connection now is about 0.47Mbps! It was 37Mbps...
Other PC's in home are OK so it is not problem with router and ISP.
What is interesting - PING is very good, bbc.co.uk = bytes=32 time=13ms TTL=241, google.com = bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52...
So what is wrong with web browsing (firefox, chrome, IE9)?
Thanks for any suggestion and sorry for my poor English.
TSP Optimizer - no change.
Reset IP and reset Winsock - no change.
I uninstall driver for wifi card and install - no change.
PC Desktop, wifi card Tenda W322P+
On this PC is second OS Windows 7 32 and working very well.