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    When i try to view a video on youtube I only get the audio but no video What could coz this? I am using latest version of firefox. Works fine in IE and chrome.


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    I guess I'd uninstall Firefox, and reinstall it.
    Actually...I'd not use it, since I prefer Chrome by a million miles!
    But if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to use Firefox (against my will)...I'd uninstall it, including any/all extensions....reinstall latest Firefox, run my web player installs (Java, Flash, Shockwave, etc)....and see how it goes. Once it's working well, I'd install extensions/add-ons one by one...testing each time( just in case one of those extensions is what broke it).
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    ya i have been on chrome for about a month now, really flies, i benchmarked it against firefox and it was literally twice as fast.

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    I used Firefox before, but it always crash. I choose google chrome now, works fine

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    I agree. I also use Chrome. Before that tried Firefox and Maxthon

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    Install the latest Flash Player for FF.
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