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Thread: TCP Optimizer

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    TCP Optimizer

    Hi, I am having trouble using the SG Optimizer..It says I have to run as Admin, I am new to Win 7 never set up any other acct. just admin. but That is the acct I am logged in on. It says to right click and and run as admin. No place to do that, does not show in programs. I down loaded exe. and pinned it to tool bar. Do I need to down load the zip file in stead? Thanks GuysSorry.
    Win 7 Home 64bit. .

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    Right click on the actual .exe file, then select "run as admin".

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    You can simply download the .exe to your desktop. From there, you can right-click on it and "run as admin", or set its' options to always start it as admin: Right-click --> Properties --> Compatability --> "Run this program as administrator"

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