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Thread: Best Tablet?

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    Best Tablet?

    Hello to any old school members hope all is well. I for some reason have it in my brain that I need a tablet and was googling etc on the best bang for the buck and then realized (eureka) that perhaps the tech savvy ladies and gents of speedguide would have some insight on a decent tablet with a 10" screen I can use to play around with while sitting on the couch or laying in the bed. Basic web browsing and online card games etc.... I would like to spend 400 or so Canadian dollars. Any suggestions?
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    I'm a fan of the Asus Transformer series myself. still see Sitosterol at all? My friend "Grimmy" (Shawn) from the old gaming clan Zombie Battalion wants to get in touch with him. This past winter Sito PM'd me asking if Shawn was still around...I answered yes....but never heard back.
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    The Google Nexus is suppose to be pretty damn good. And Microsoft's Surface has turned some heads.

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    Hey Hi.. I have a Kindle Fire.. which I love.. but your $400 will give you more of a tablet then that. I heard great things in regards to the Asus tablet. One thing is for certain.. tablets are awesome when you are traveling. I rather take a tablet with me nowadays then a laptop for short trips. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by YARDofSTUF View Post
    The Google Nexus is suppose to be pretty damn good. And Microsoft's Surface has turned some heads.
    I could not be happier with my Nexus 7. Its a speed machine right out of the box, But rooted and messed around with it even faster. I have an iPad and thought the 7" screen Would bother me, But its nice being able to place it in my pocket or cargo pocket. Biggest performance bang for the buck right now IMHO

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    nexus 7 hands down!why?it is on par with other tablet BUT:and this is a huge reason,it is supported by google directly .want latest os?no if no maybe yuou will get latest from google!and we dont need to explain asus ,their bios and all support speak for itself(it is uber)
    the last is :is it big enough for you intended use?

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