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Thread: Mysterious Download Spikes

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    Mysterious Download Spikes

    I have HughesNet modem connected to a LinksysE3000 router that serves 2 PC's. HughesNet has a 5 hour window in the early morning where upload/download traffic doesn't count against your daily allowable maximum. Every morning at 4AM EST (7AM PST) when the window closes I'm getting spikes in my download traffic of up to 200mb yet ALL of my computers are powered down. The download's are not consistent, sometimes 90mb, next time 124mb, next tom 200.9mb etc. I've changed my router password thinking someone's piggy backing but it's still happening. If I shut down the router it doesn't seem to happen. The auto diagnostics when the router powers up doesn't show any errors. Any suggestions on what's going on and how to fix? The "mysterious" download spikes are chewing up mu daily allocations from HughesNet.

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    disable wifi (this will ensure nobody is using your wifi) and if it sill persists when computers are off then get in touch with your ISP and report it

    its not a delay in your download traffic is it?

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    Disabling WiFi may be a good step in testing... Do you have any other devices other than PCs that may be using it ? Cellphones, Consoles, etc. Some routers can show a list of connected clients.

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