I have 2 routers, lets name them r1 and r2. the r2 is a dsl modem/ router connected to the isp with dhcp relay enabled. r1 is a router with dhcp relay enabled too. in between them is a hub where one port goes to the r1 and the other to the r2 (with internet connection).

on the r1, side is a cat5 cabled to the windows 2k8 server with dhcp server ( and domain controller) installed and enabled. win2k8 server has been assigned a static ip as required and an ip add has been reserved for it on the r1 router.

i don't know if my config is right but here's what i did. i have setup 2 scopes on win2k8 dhcp server, one starts with and ends with, and another with to all subnet masks are in the 255 ranges.

all client pcs have been configured to obtain ip address dynamically.

1.) here is what i need to do. i want the ip adds of the pcs physically cabled to the r2 router to be in the 192.168.254.xx range while other pcs physically cabled to the r1 router to be assigned with 192.168.0.xx ips, (is this possible?).

when i tried to test the setup all pcs where exclusively given 192.168.0.xx ip addresses even if they were physically cabled to the r2 router and worse they all lost their internet connection.. i may have forgotten to assign my isp's ip address after i have enabled dhcp relay on the r2 router..

2.) can i share r2's internet connection to those pcs physically cabled to the r1 router?

3.) can i centrally manage the assignment of ip addresses using win2k8's dhcp server using the above setup and with 2 scopes above mentioned?
how should i setup r1 so that i can share r2's internet connection to pcs cabled to r1.

4.) am i out of my mind?.. but please i need some help..