Get the RT-n66u, they said. It will be awsome, they said.

All goofing aside, yeah it is a great router. Using it to make available pretty much all my data files (work files, music, videos, software, etc) to me wherever I happen to be in a cross-platform compatible method (no add-on app needed). One of the reasons I bought it.

Occurred to me the day after I got everything set up... wait, this is sharing via FTP. Clear text login. No es bueno. I have no intention of using it for sharing music/movies/etc with anyone other than myself, but I just don't want my home ISP (Time Warner) to see I'm running a FTP server, use the login they can clearly read to find out I'm making easily available stuff they may be IP owners of.

So at any rate, I just want to encrypt the individual files within each directory, not encrypt the whole drive or folders. This way I can still get the files I need easily regardless of my location or the computer/devive I am using (Android accessibility would be super, but not critical) in plain vanila FTP fashion. I would just need to decrypt them after downloading them.

I have come up with a few ideas, but was wondering if I have overlooked the obvious elegant solution.

Cheers, all.