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Thread: ATT Uverse DSL Too Fast!

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    ATT Uverse DSL Too Fast!

    Help..DSL too Fast. What should I do. thanks Speed Test Results
    548275 kbps down (~548.28 Mbps, 66928 KB/s)↓
    125 kbps up (~0.13 Mbps, 15 KB/s)↑
    10240 KB downloaded in 0.153 seconds
    4 KB uploaded in 0.263 seconds
    Tested on: 2012.06.06 20:57 EDT
    Tested from: 2
    Test Link:
    Location: US

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    How about IDM speed ?
    Firefox Extreme Speed Edition

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    I'm obviously new-- but why would you complain about speeds this high? Isn't this what we all want?

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    hi mgood..the speedtest was a Fluke, thats why you want see too many answers to the Question (they know). the server (speedguide2) and my computer must have been talking a different language, I suppose. but with a little manipulation of the back button on your computer and timing (just before the upload finishes) you can get a False reading. most of the time the reading want record in your Speedguide speed record (window) but only the text section. Very rare will the Results record in the Speedguide community results. click on the link in the post and you can verify (No such test in our database. Note that longer test history is available for registered users).Isn't it fun to experiment.

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