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Thread: Two routers connected to one switch

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    Two routers connected to one switch

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to connect two routers to one switch that is then connected to a modem. Now I know this could pose issues as both routers would want a different IP (as a switch does not do address translation) but I already got this covered (ISP gave me 2 IP addresses). Here is a simple schematic explaining what I want to achieve:

    Now I want to know if there is any configuration I need to do on any of the routers to make this work. From my limited experience with networking, I think this should be possible. But I'm no expert, this is why I'm asking here for advice.

    Can this work? Is there any additional configuration needed?


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    Are the clients supposed to be on the same network, or different networks?
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    This can work, however, it may be tricky, you will definitely need to manually configure the routers.
    First, your ISP/modem must support multiple clients (i.e. it has to be able to assign different external/internal IPs to both routers, seems you have that covered).
    Then, you have to pick your Gateway/DHCP server(s) - it can be either the modem (some of them are also routers, assigning internal IPs to clients), or each router for their own LAN.
    You will have to manually configure the routers. If all clients are supposed to be on the same network it can get tricky, you may have to turn off NAT routing which somewhat defeats the purpose of having them ?

    I've done a setup where two routers were connected to the same switch/LAN but were acting as two separate gateways to different ISPs. On the LAN side, both routers were using different ranges of the same subnet, one was set as the DHCP server/default gateway, and you can then assign static IPs (and change the default gatway) to select clients that you want to use the secondary gateway/router/ISP.

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