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Thread: Do you Stumble?

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    Do you Stumble?

    I've become hooked. I've found alot of interesting sites, stuff I wouldn't normaly go to.

    I think Lefty turned me onto it, Thanks.

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    I steadfastly refuse to join Facebook. Guess I'm one of the last hold outs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blebs View Post
    I steadfastly refuse to join Facebook. Guess I'm one of the last hold outs.
    me too

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    Stumbleupon is not part of facebook. what it is is that you register, then you select interests, the website will use tags, keywords and other information to bring up web sites based on your interest. Once you do that, you hit the stumble radio button and it brings up a sites based on your interest. You can go back in after you select interests and add new interests and it gets better as you go on. If you thums up a site it will be saved like a bookmark. If you thumbs down a site it learns from what you do.

    Fun stuff.

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    I used it because Roundeye made a post about it a couple of months ago.


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