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Thread: Why is my connection so laggy with interleaving off?

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    Why is my connection so laggy with interleaving off?

    Ive had it turned off and on nearly 6 times to rule out it being me causing the laggy connection , my ISP seems to think its got nothing to do with them. With lnterleaving on the lag isnt barely there with it off its soooo sooo laggy if i turn my player in call of duty 4 , it feels so jerky and jittery. My hardware / temps has all been checked some of it replaced to rule it out being me.

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    Thats odd. Usually having interleaving on increases latency. If your connection works better with it on, then I would simply leave it on.

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    interleaving (I am assuming this is DSL or some flavor there of, as I cant say I have heard it on fiber or cable lines) was designed about like VPN does. It gives a stable connection at cost of speed and ping. Now for Uverse if you have the TV service, there is a 8-10ms delay (interleaved on VDSL by default) due to the tv packets having to arrive in order. However interleaving depending on it's ms set (I even saw an interleaved of 1ms once) is dependent on how many errors you allow to happen. Say at 20ms you have no errors, so you 1/2 that and have maybe 50% errors and 50% corrected. The fine line is what ever works better to the end user. It could be that on non interleaved your line was dropping too much to be useful. Interleaving can help with this by forcing equipment to recheck and retransmit.

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