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Thread: VPN Services?

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    VPN Services?

    What's a good VPN service that's compatible with Mac and Windows?
    Something that doesn't block javascript, flash and the likes as that's like more than half our internet usage..
    Also something that does bog down our internet speeds severely like make our 100 megabit connection into a 1 megabit connection type of deal.. (don't really have a 100mbit connection... though I sure wish I did...)
    Our main usage would be Netflix, Hulu, Boobtube (Youtube), uTorrent, Newsgroups, Reddit, 9gag, various other websites that utilize javascript and/or flash in some form or another.
    Yeah... we use a lot of stuff amongst the 3 of us... stuff we simply can't live our daily lives without.. or else we'd die of boredom.
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    I host one at home, Windows 7 or Server 2008. Open network connections, Click File->new incoming connection, Then follow the prompts, I use it at work for access to my home nas and devices and also use it on my iphone to manage my home when i'm on the road. will need to open 1723 on the router to the ip of the host.

    RaisinCain's option also works. I have also used teamviewer's vpn. I prefer the windows mode. No software and almost everything supports PTPP

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