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Thread: Osama bin Laden operation, Part Two

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    This is probably the most ridiculous thread that I have witnessed so far. Seems as though certain individuals get a rub out of Obama slashing. Seriously, give it a frickin' rest.

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    There is a telling comment in the article.

    "‘My friends that work in Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that have been on video teleconferences with Obama on these kill or capture situations say that Obama has no issue whatsoever with making decisions and typically it's kill. He’s hitting the kill button every time. I have a lot of respect for him for that."

    I mention it, because it's indicative of two things. One, this POTUS is decisive enough to order people killed, repeatedly. Two, he is aware of the increased danger in trying to "capture" these individuals, as well as the follow on political issues of their capture IE; Where are they to be held? For how long? Will there be a trial? Where?).

    He get's credit for ordering the operation to proceed. But the real credit, goes to a quiet group of folks in the intelligence community who specifically track down and go after the high value targets. It is THEIR work which goes mostly unnoticed, and without them, there's no place for the SEAL team to go.


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    Hello Tom.



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