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Thread: Problem sending e-mails

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    Problem sending e-mails

    When I am at home on my wi fi - I can send and receive e-mails with out any problems - on my main computer , laptop and both mine and my wife's phone.

    When I am away at a hotel/cafe I am unable to send an e-mail allthough I can still receive them. Also when I am using 3g on either mine or my wife's phone I can receive but not send e-mails.

    My broadband provider are useless and can not provide any reason for this. Has anyone any ideas?

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    They probably limit their SMTP servers (outbound mail server in your e-mail client settings) to internal bandwidth on port 25. So when you use someone elses cannot authenticate/contact their SMTP servers. Need to find out what their external SMTP server address is, what port, and what authentication it uses (they usually require authentication).
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