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Thread: Random high ping and quirky internet experience

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    Random high ping and quirky internet experience

    This is my first time posting here, so Hi :]

    anyways, I have been having some issues with my internet and this has been around ever since i started the service 3 months ago. I bought comcast internet for gaming reasons mostly and when I am playing a game usually I will get really high ping. Up to about 500 and then after about 5 seconds of lag it goes away. A day or so ago it was really bad and my ping didnt go down for hours. I called comcast and they had someone come out to my house. The guy said that there was noise in the line. So they replaced the cable going from the telephone/power pole to my house. That actually didnt fix anything and the tech even said that it is not much different from before. I noticed after he changed the cable that my browsing experience is now much more quirky. Certain things on webpages wont load, like small images and some js/java related things(like mlabs) or they will load, but in chunks. It wasn't choppy like this 2 days ago.

    I dont know how else to diagnose this problem and it may be out of my control, but that is why Im posting here so I can find out.

    Here is some info about what I have tried and my internet and network:
    -Comcast ~24down and ~4up
    -Only one computer on the network
    -Modem+Router set up: motorola sb6121+linksys e2000
    -I have tried power cycling.. doesn't help
    -No other programs sucking bandwidth.
    -Antivirus is avast free version, if that is needed.
    -[fixed and posted] mLabs wont run now after the guy changed the cable for some reason [fixed]
    -speedtest/pingtest are normal to good
    -Reset the router config
    -the first line in cmd > 'tracert' is <1ms
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    So I think the choppy browsing was resolved when I cleared my cookies and history. I still get the very high ping randomly though. I usually notice it during gaming, but it does happen during browsing as well.
    Should I use the TCP optimizer tool?

    These are my m-lab results:
    Your system: Windows 7 version 6.1
    Java version: 1.6.0_31 (x86)

    TCP receive window: 65536 current, 65536 maximum
    5.0365E-5 packets lost during test
    Round trip time: 11 msec (minimum), 32 msec (maximum), 22.66 msec (average)
    Jitter: 21 msec
    0 seconds spend waiting following a timeout
    TCP time-out counter: 223
    1 selective acknowledgement packets received

    No duplex mismatch condition was detected.
    The test did not detect a cable fault.
    No network congestion was detected.
    No network address translation appliance was detected.

    0.067% of the time was not spent in a receiver limited or sender limited state.
    92.66% of the time the connection is limited by the client machine's receive buffer.
    Optimal receive buffer: 67108864 bytes
    0 duplicate ACKs set

    ADVANCED m-lab:
    WEB100 Kernel Variables:
    Client: localhost/
    CurMSS: 1460
    X_Rcvbuf: 87380
    X_Sndbuf: 172592
    AckPktsIn: 1758
    AckPktsOut: 0
    BytesRetrans: 1460
    CongAvoid: 0
    CongestionOverCount: 1
    CongestionSignals: 1
    CountRTT: 1754
    CurCwnd: 67160
    CurRTO: 223
    CurRwinRcvd: 65536
    CurRwinSent: 5888
    CurSsthresh: 95681100
    DSACKDups: 1
    DataBytesIn: 0
    DataBytesOut: 29378396
    DataPktsIn: 0
    DataPktsOut: 19855
    DupAcksIn: 3
    ECNEnabled: 0
    FastRetran: 0
    MaxCwnd: 67160
    MaxMSS: 1460
    MaxRTO: 224
    MaxRTT: 32
    MaxRwinRcvd: 65536
    MaxRwinSent: 5888
    MaxSsthresh: 95681100
    MinMSS: 1460
    MinRTO: 214
    MinRTT: 11
    MinRwinRcvd: 4096
    MinRwinSent: 5840
    NagleEnabled: 1
    OtherReductions: 1
    PktsIn: 1758
    PktsOut: 19855
    PktsRetrans: 1
    RcvWinScale: 7
    SACKEnabled: 3
    SACKsRcvd: 1
    SendStall: 0
    SlowStart: 86
    SampleRTT: 22
    SmoothedRTT: 23
    SndWinScale: 8
    SndLimTimeRwin: 9327547
    SndLimTimeCwnd: 674067
    SndLimTimeSender: 64889
    SndLimTransRwin: 12
    SndLimTransCwnd: 22
    SndLimTransSender: 27
    SndLimBytesRwin: 27920200
    SndLimBytesCwnd: 1059680
    SndLimBytesSender: 398516
    SubsequentTimeouts: 0
    SumRTT: 39739
    Timeouts: 1
    TimestampsEnabled: 0
    WinScaleRcvd: 8
    WinScaleSent: 7
    DupAcksOut: 0
    StartTimeUsec: 398501
    Duration: 10070523
    c2sData: 6
    c2sAck: 6
    s2cData: 8
    s2cAck: 4
    half_duplex: 0
    link: 100
    congestion: 0
    bad_cable: 0
    mismatch: 0
    spd: 23.35
    bw: 69.28
    loss: 0.000050365
    avgrtt: 22.66
    waitsec: 0.22
    timesec: 10.00
    order: 0.0017
    rwintime: 0.9266
    sendtime: 0.0064
    cwndtime: 0.0670
    rwin: 0.5000
    swin: 1.3168
    cwin: 0.5124
    rttsec: 0.022656
    Sndbuf: 172592
    aspd: 0.00000
    CWND-Limited: 641.26
    minCWNDpeak: 7300
    maxCWNDpeak: 67160
    CWNDpeaks: 1

    The theoretical network limit is 69.28 Mbps
    The NDT server has a 84.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to 58.12 Mbps
    Your PC/Workstation has a 64.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to 22.06 Mbps
    The network based flow control limits the throughput to 22.61 Mbps

    Client Data reports link is 'OC-12', Client Acks report link is 'OC-12'
    Server Data reports link is 'OC-48', Server Acks report link is 'T3'

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    SNR: ~36db
    power level: ~6

    power level: ~44

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