ok first of all Reset all Modem and or gateway to factory defaults to see if there is any signal issues then Go to all computers and Reset those NETSH COMMANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please go to Start *windows 7 click the orb* type in the search box CMD let it load run as ADMINistrator then type these commands in please

netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset arpcache reboot all computers Reset router to factory defaults Also

Please scan for viruses spyware adware
www.malwarebytes.com www.spybot.com Install and run those programs do not interrupt them then if you have internet security update it NOW!!!!! then scan if you dont i suggest Comodo internet security premium install run and update let it scan if it find anything
also i reccomend doing this

GO to start My Computer *if under windows 7 DO NOT DO THIS UNDER XP...
Go to start my comptuer right click click Porperties on the right click Advanced system settings then click hardware then click DEVICE MANGER once it loads click network adaptors DO NOT uninstall the software if it says .. Click uninstall it will erase all settings on the eternet adaptor and windows 7 will automaticlly reinstall the driver as soon as you reboot the pc If this does not Work get their butts out there to see why the heck oyu are getting those high pings!!!!!!!!! if they find signal level issues then its most likley there problem Also ask for New Eternet cords that is always a plus there thats as good as i can give you as advice but Seriously get SOMEONE OUT THERE TO YOUR HOUES/APARTMENT!!!!!!! always get a person out thereand make sure they are doing the right job Im not that smart but i know most of the time its fixable if you just reset everything to factory defaults..... LOL PLEASE MAKE SURE if you have cable Make sure theres no CRINKS... Or cable Bends if so get your cable company out there that will cause a signal issue also make sure from your house to the telephone pole there is no bite marks in the line going from your house to the telephone pole...

im not that smart but over the years ive learned doing this keeps my pings REALLY low..... and Connection speed perfect

can't really help you with 4g/3g cause theres so many things that can effect pings that you wouldn't believe it all i can say about that is keep your 4g/3g device near a window If you know where the tower is face it towards that tower...