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Thread: Looking for a used computer...

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    Looking for a used computer...

    I need a computer and willing to buy a used one in good condition. I have a writing project which I must get started.

    Anyone selling?

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    I have one.

    ZT Systems Desktop PC

    AMD Dual Core Processor
    2GB Memory/RAM
    320GB Hard Drive
    19" Monitor
    Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus (FULL version and activated)
    Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus (if you want that installed)

    Asking $350 and free shipping

    I am not using the system anymore due to GF using her Nook (all of the time LoL).

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    I have a q6600 system (no software, however) and a netbook


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    Well, did you find something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dove 23 View Post
    My suggestion is you can visit this website ***SPAM link removed, please don't quote spammers..especially with links, creates more work for staff to clean up***.You can get more ideas
    Really? 7 months later?

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