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Thread: need some help to schedule a backup

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    need some help to schedule a backup

    i have medisoft install on a server with 5 client i need to schedule a automated backup but if anyone left their computer on with the client running the server will not do a backup

    how can i schedule the server to loose all connection during the backup which only take about 2 minutes
    i'm running windows xp is there a way to schedule it to maybe disable ip or turn of netowrk connection and back on or renew ip or something

    thanks in advance

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    Usually the medical software I come across has a utility built into the server component to disconnect current users. Might see if they have one. Else...I don't know other than restart the database or restart the "server". But those can end up with dirty client breaks..depending on the database engine. The "server" is just an XP workstation? ? ?
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