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Thread: A tragic accident that happened nearby...

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    A tragic accident that happened nearby...

    Gotta say a prayer for the family that this happened to. In Salem CT....a 6 year old boy was killed in a horrible accident involving a wood chipper. Siblings were also out helping. It's a town a few minutes north of where my office is, my business colleague lives there.

    Immediate reaction is "What kind of father allows his kid to be around something like that?" It's a rural farming town, kids learn outdoor work and equipment at an early age. There's no reason to finger point and blame the father. The reality was a horrible scene for the father and the kids siblings to witness. That image and sounds will be burned into their memory for the rest of their lives..and they'll never be the same. Father and mother will probably end up in severe depression and divorce in a year or two. Heard that the the first emergency crews to arrive at the scene were even throwing up and leaving the scene and had to go get psyche treatment right was so bad.

    A sad sad story.
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    I read about that. Terrible story. My prayers go out to his family.

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    I started reading about it... couldn't even finish it. OMG. May they all find some way to get through it. I can't even fathom it.
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    Man that is the worst. I thought what happened around here at mothersday a few years back was bad. Mom was driving a pick up, dad was on the passenger side and child in the middle of both. They came up to a dangerous intersection and were hit. Mom was decapitated. The fire and paramedic crew where totally screwed up mentally from it. A few even quit afterwards. Also, a registered nurse stopped to help and she had a heart attack and died on the scene also.

    I just cannot even begin to imagine the horrors they saw happening with a child being chipped to death.
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    I heard about that YOSC, sad, very sad. We had a similar incident with a teenager a few years back around here. I see some horrific things in my job but it is always after the fact, to witness something like this is life changing. Prayers to the family.

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    Thatís the worst that could happen -a real nightmare. I feel so sorry for the family. Prayers are with them.

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