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Thread: Multiple SSID's in one wireless router?

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    Multiple SSID's in one wireless router?

    I am looking for a way to set up a 12 story apartment (144 units in all) in a wireless configuration. The boss wants each unit to have their own secured SSIDs on the same router, but the question is, is there such a router that has the capability to do this?

    Even if it's just 6 SSID's in one routre, it's okay. We're just looking for ideas and solutions.

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    You're not going to find one wireless router that will cover 12x stories with 12x rooms per floor. You're going to need 1x enterprise grade router at the edge of the network...and you'll need to address how you'll manage the wireless to all 144x units....with several access points per floor....or one per room (would make it too dense with channels though). a captive portal to manage it. Centrally managed access points with client isolation mode enabled. People won't be able to configure their own shared LANs within their home...but you can provide an ethernet port to their room for them to get their own router to do a private LAN.
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    Different SSID in one router? If distance was not a factor, I would suggest trying install the free firmware DD-WRT to a commercial soho router -
    DD-WRT has a Virtual AP feature that you can have a different SSID assigned to each virtual AP on the same real router.

    Another idea, is the same DD-WRT, if you had 5 routers with DD-WRT spread on each floor, with say the 6th one hooked up to your cable or dsl modem ,you could create a wireless tunnel from access point to access point, but the main issue is they would need that same SSID.
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    I would think for just sheer management and sanity purposes I would put 12 routers on 12 floors. That would also segment the traffic and keep network collisions and broadcast storms to a minimum. Essentially you would segment your network, which is a good thing. Again just my take on it.

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