So this awesome Sony stereo system I had purchased back in high school had been boxed up in storage for nearly 20 years, hasn't been used in a long time.
Sony STR-AV710 base a nice twin cassette deck and early CD player, as well as an Akai turntable. Had some nice Boston Acoustics speakers but they got smashed up during a move...just have some older Advent bookshelf speakers left.

Anyways...after all these years, went to put the system together and crank up some old Rush albums. To my disappointment...the receiver starts flashing "Protect mode" in red sound output.

Read all the tricks online...look for loose speaker wire strands in the connections, blow out the dust, take cover off and tweak all the screws and connections, unplug everything, yada yada. All to no avail. Even does it without any speakers plugged in....and with nothing else plugged in.

So it's dead.

Reason I broke it out....the boy wants to get into albums...and some of the local hardcore bands he listens to just released some limited edition LPs that he wants to get. So I gotta get this working. Anyone has an old receiver/tuner/amp...and even another turntable...that they want to hock off...