Hello, Right now I have my D-Link632 8 port Wireless router connected to a 4port regular switch, and the switch connected to the Embark modem. I need this setup because I work from home and I cannot connect my work computer directly to a wireless router. My other 4 PC's are connected to the D-Link router.
Everything works just fine, besides one small problem. I cannot configure the D-Link router for my wireless options because when I type for the D-Link I get nothing and unresponsive page. After researching I realize that I cannot reach the D-link router pages because the IP address is configured to which points to the Embark Modem Admin Page.

Apparently my PCs are bypassing the D-link and going directly to the Embark Modem. I need to be able to configure my D-Link, but I cannot access it with the IP Address because it tells me "too long to respond" obviously because of the Embark Modem.

Is there any way to resolve this issue?