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Thread: What a whacky winter!

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    What a whacky winter!

    Here we are....early March. Yesterday was up into the 60's..and today they're talking about bumping 69* inland. Had days in the 50's in Feb and Jan.

    However....puttin' the saddlebags on the bike and takin her to the office this morning!

    I hope we have a normal summer...and not the opposite of this winter...a summer with cold days.
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    Could be a hot summer. But ya this winter has been something else, havent had to use the snow blower at all except for that early **** in October that ****ed the state pretty good.

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    Morning YeOldeStonecat

    Imagine living in Canada & Not having to have shovelled out the driveway once this year...Not even once!!! Unbelievable!!!

    Yesterday +12C with sunshine.....Today +14 windy with some rain called for.

    Gas was down to a $1:24 a liter yesterday and things are really looking good so far.

    Never saw so many Smiles on faces in March as i did yesterday when in town shopping. Imagine March & Canadians Smilin. Bonus many ladies out and about without Winter Coats on, partly the reason for Guys Smilin I'd guess.

    Hope you are all enjoying the good weather




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    I don't mind a cool and mild summer. My ideal temp is between 65-75. If the temps could stay like that all year round, Deb would be a happy camper.

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    It's already 62F on my back deck (faceing east), this morning in Delaware. Didn't feel the effect of "seasonal depression", this winter. teehee

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    It’s been quite warm here too. Believe it or not, I had to turn on my air conditioner a few nights ago. Then a cold front came through and it dropped into the mid 50’s again. This is the time of year we have some screwball weather, hot, cold, hot, cold ……………..ugg
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    Well while the winter wasn't very cold or snowy that was good for cutting back on heat but the bad thing is it didn't likely kill off enough bugs like Mosquitoes ..those little bastards drive me crazy to the point I can't even sit out side my own home and enjoy a nice evening without soaking (and I mean soaking) myself in Deet!

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    Yah, not much of a winter here in West Central Florida either.

    Humidity %81.....yummmmm summer here now! Looks like a long hot summer.... a repeat of last summer.......

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    As soon as you figure out women, you'll figure out the weather...they are both so much alike!


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